Risks In Fast Track Construction

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Risk in Fast Track Construction:
Fast track projects are those projects in which construction phase begins before all of the architect’s drawings and specifications are finished. Also it is known as phased construction, the method is intended to save time by going the traditional sequence of documentation, tendering and construction. Construction projects are usually increasing growing in value and complexity. Most of them are innovative and resulting into inclusion of a high level of risks and uncertainties. The management of risks within these projects is a big factor in their success or failure. Risk management contains identifying, assessing them and finally develop a strategy to manage them. Risks can be assessed in two ways qualitatively
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There are some factors to be concerned during delivery of fast-track construction project effectively:

(i) Selecting of project delivery way to achieve the required result is important to project. Selected delivery method determines the contracts between the different parties, and the practices necessary to form and administer the contracts as well as risks are assigned. Selection needs to be carefully made on each project which based on specific situations, and primary constraints of the project.
(ii) Fast-tracking not only refers to overlapping activities among design and construction work. The extent of fast-track can be extended to the early stage of project. Fast-tracking can apply between development stage and detail design by stating detail design after finalizing elementary design while probability is in progress. Because of that, construction work can earlier
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Rather than follow a more logical precedent relationship, where activity B would be finished before activity C is began, it might be good to start both at the same time. For example under more normal situations it might be best to wait for product design to be finished before marketing plans are began, but in a fast-track process it might be needed to schedule them at the same time. In building of home, the roof of the home cannot be started until framing is finished and framing cannot be started until the foundation is completed. But in a fast-track process the frame and roof can be made off-site while the foundation is completed, and then be together on-site when the foundation has
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