Fat Anna A Bully Character Analysis

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“That was when Fat Angie challenged Stacy Ann on the basketball court. Stacy Ann slapped Fat Angie across the face.” This is a quote by the narrator in the novel Fat Angie written by Charlton - Trujillo. Stacy has slapped Angie not only because she’s a bully but because she thinks since Angie’s fat she’s allowed to bully her. The Puritains would oppose the novel Fat Angie due to the way the characters dress, the way the story is written, and the characters living sinful lives. The Puritains would loathe the book Fat Angie because of the way the characters are dressing. First of all, Angie is being bullied for wearing tight clothes. Since she’s fat, she’s not allowed to wear clothes that make her confidents. But the shirt she’s wearing is from her sister that’s been…show more content…
There is a decent amount of swearing in this novel which the Puritains would not like at all. Stacy Ann calls Fat Angie a bad word and Angie calls her one back. Fat Angie was not written in first person which that was the only way the Puritains liked. It’s written in third person to show perspective. It sometimes switched into Angie’s thoughts. A final reason why the Puritains would protest the novel Fat Angie is due to sinful acts of the characters. The Puritians wouldn’t like there being homosexuality in this. Angie and KC Romance have a thing together. They also wouldn’t approve of obesity. It showed you were self conceited. But Angie overcomes being fat and she loses weight. As everyone made fun of her she got self conscious and wanted to lose weight. Lasty, theres some swearing and calling names. The Puritains hated cussing because it was a way to hell. Due to the way the characters dressed, third person writings, and sinful acts the Puritains would hate this book. Imagine how the Puritains would react if there was some that was fat and getting made fun of and they were on the
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