Fat Burning Foods Research Paper

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Fat-burning foods can help you to drop pounds and potentially reverse diabetes. It also reduces your risk of obesity, which has been linked to a higher risk of cancers. Introducing more fat-burning foods can also boost energy levels and help you feel better about yourself all around. Here is the list of top 15 fat-burning foods: 1. Apple Cider Vinegar: This pantry staple can actually help you lose weight by reducing sugar cravings. Ingesting apple cider vinegar before a meal can also help you feel fuller with less food. Additionally, it works as a natural way to detox your body and balance your stomach’s pH. 2. Bone Broth: This is one of my absolute favorite healing foods. It truly has the potential to transform your health in tangible ways and help burn fat. 3. Cayenne Pepper: It…show more content…
Chia Seeds:Spoonful Of Chia Seeds: These seeds, originally grown in Mexico, are a nutritional powerhouse and true fat-burning foods. Not only does consuming chia seeds increase energy and give you more endurance power, but because it absorbs so much of its own weight in water, the seed also helps slow your body’s digestion. This helps reduce hunger pangs and sugar cravings. 5. Chicken: If you’re trying to lose weight, chicken is a readily available, powerful fat-burning food. Just three ounces of chicken — about the size of a deck of cards — provides about 37 percent of your body’s daily value for protein. This nutrient helps keep our bodies energized, our muscles looking sculpted and our bellies feeling satiated. 6. Coconut Oil: Not all fats are created equal. In fact, coconut oil is one of the healthiest, most natural fats we can consume. It can help decrease both body weight and body fat while keeping your thyroid running smoothly. Swapping out vegetable oils for coconut oil in your cooking is a simple way to add another fat-burning food to your diet. 7. Cruciferous Vegetables: — like kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, are super powerful fat-burning foods. 8.

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