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Fat Burning Zone
Birmingham University's Human Performance Laboratory Researchers (2002) attempted to determine at which exercise intensities fat metabolism has the best results. In their studies, they put 18 male endurance cyclists with a training background of at least three years. The researchers found that the Fat maximum burning zone was between 68% and 79% heart rate maximum.

Other researchers also suggested that when you train or exercise, for example, cycle, swim, row or run at a modest intensity of about 69% heart rate maximum, in the first hour or so fat gives about 50% of the energy or calorie you need to keep going. The reason for this is because calorie comes first from the glycogen stored in the muscles and livers. After going
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An increased oxygen delivery through blood flow and gaseous exchange at the capillaries level help the cell oxidize i.e. burn fat more efficiently. ii. An enhanced sensitivity of muscle and fat cells to epinephrine leads to an improved release of fatty acids (disassembled triglycerides from their glycerol backbone structure) into the blood and within the muscle (where fat is in its triglyceride storage form). iii. An augmented circulatory blood flow system aids in the delivery of fatty acids to the muscle used as fuel. iv. An improvement in the specific protein transporters that move the fatty acids into the muscle cell, thus making the fat more readily available for fuel.
v. An increase of fatty acids allowed entering the muscle tissue, which thus releases more fat available for fuel. vi. A significant increase in the number and size of the mitochondrion. The mitochondrion is the only place in a cell where fat is oxidized. It is the cell’s ‘fat burning furnace.’ vii. Finally, an increase in the oxidative enzymes that ‘speed up’ the breakdown of fatty acids molecules to be used during aerobic

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