Fat Daddy Book Report

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The trip to Fat Daddy’s Veronica and I got together saturday we decided to go to fat daddy’s. So I called daddy to help us load up the four wheeler , then we left veronica said,”yay.” once we left to go Veronica said, “yay.” once we got there we unloaded. We played for hours and hours. Then we came up this big hill “we weren’t gonna make it” , Veronica yelled. Then about that time we feel off , and the four wheeler started to roll back I yelled, “Veronica move now !” before i could look back and move, the four wheeler was right at me ,and ran right over my leg I screamed, “Veronica!! Veronica!! get daddy” Veronica said, “oh my goodness will you be okay while I am gone ?!” I cried, “yes
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