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I’m not a big fan of watching movies, but when I do, I can find interesting aspects in all genres of film. I particularly enjoy documentaries and comedies. I thoroughly enjoy learning new things, and when I am not learning I just want to view something that makes me feel good. One of the best medicines after a long, hard day is laughter. Documentaries could be placed in the fine arts academic category. My favorite type of documentaries are the ones based on nature. Our world, especially the ocean, is such a wondrous place that I often catch myself in awe of the discoveries that are made. “Creatures of the Deep Ocean” provides a glimpse into the aquatic life that call the Mariana Trench home. The movie explains facts about the deepest part of the ocean, and how the animals that inhabit it have adapted to survive. To make things even more interesting is the special type of reinforced submarine scientists must…show more content…
Stand up comedies are probably in the popular art category. They are purely entertainment with little to no intellectual value included. There are several comedians that I adore. One of my all-time favorites is Gabriel Iglesias! His 2009 movie “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy” was the first of his films I had ever seen. Although I have seen it probably fifteen or more times, it is still my favorite comedy to date. No matter what kind of day I’ve had his material always makes me happy. In my opinion, Gabriel’s demeanor and the subjects he speaks on make him relatable, especially when he talks about the hardships of raising a son. He is a vivid storyteller complete with multiple voices and sound effects, so when he speaks of things that aren’t relatable he describes them in a way that people can envision exactly what is happening. In my opinion, these types of movies are also vital to the whole human experience. People need to have times of pure entertainment with no strings

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