Fat In Chips Essay

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Fat in chips: • First we wieghed out 10 g of crushed chips • We then put them in a beaker • Next we poured 50ml of pentane on it • We mixed them with a spatula • We then filtered the mixture through a funnel and glass wool to get rid of the chips (into a florence flask) • Before the destillation process we measured the florence flask and the cork ring • Through the destillation process we managed to separate the pentane and the oil • We weighed the oil with the flask and the cork ring and subtracted the mass of the flask and cork ring to get the mass of oil • We then recorded our results Salt in popcorn: • We again weighed out 10 g, but of crushed popcorn this time • Which we put into a beaker ( which we had already weighed beforehand)…show more content…
This could of happened because we might not have pressed all the petrol out of the chips and so as a result someof the petrol might have been left in the chips. Another thing is that not exactly 10g of chips might have been weighed out. Salt in popcorn: The expected salt content in 10g of popcorn was said to be 0.17 and we got 0.32 g which is a bit more than the expected amount. This could of happened because a bit more than 10 g of popcorn was added, someone with sweaty hands might have added extra bodily salts to the popcorn, or not all the water was squeezed out of the popcorn. Conclusion: In conclusion we did experiments to find out the salt and fat content in 10g of popcorn/chips. So that we could then compare it to what the packet says to see if that is correct or not. In the end our results did not correspond with the answers on the packet. However they were not too far fetched so knowing that I can say that the answer on the packet is probably correct.
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