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Fat loss... everyone wants it, but it seems like we can't ever get enough of it. You've been working REALLY hard in the gym. You feel like you eat NOTHING tasty, delicious and bad for you. You even lift weights. BUT, you still look at yourself in the mirror and see little or no definition, flabby upper arms, love handles and thighs you're embarrassed to show off. What gives? Why is the fat clinging on for dear life even though you're working so hard? Fat loss is a funny, scratch that, FRUSTRATING thing. A lot needs to go right to lose fat while maintaining that lean, hard muscle mass. Most people don't know the first thing about fat loss. For example, when I ask people what their plan is for losing fat, so many of them tell me all about how…show more content…
Creating a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day will results in 1lb of fat loss per week - Losing fat isn't as simple as calories in and calories out. While you do need to create a calorie deficit, too many other factors come into play, like hormones and your macronutrient ratio. Your body releases hormones all the time for different reasons. The type of exercise you perform, the foods you eat, and your daily activities all play into which hormones are flowing through your body. Rather than focusing on 500 calories per day, focus on activities that produce fat burning hormones. Activities like weight training, High Intensity Interval Training and leisure paced cardio (walking, cycling, etc) all have a positive hormonal effect. Similarly, non-starchy carbs like veggies, high protein foods and high fibers foods are all great options for keeping fat storage turned…show more content…
Try some interval training and be sure to do a lot of leisure paced cardio as well. 4. Just Eat Healthy - For a lot of people, the problem isn't knowing which foods are good or bad for you. The problem lies in overeating them. If you're already overweight or you eat a lot of processed, sugary, high-starch foods, then you'll see good results from changing your eating habits. This change should include moving towards foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats and natural, "from the Earth" foods. Avoiding things like processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and fast absorbing carbs will be a great way to start your transformation. With that said, eating too much healthy food is still too much when it comes to fat loss, especially if your body fat percentage is fairly low. Clean eating is important for having a healthy body, but too much clean eating is still too much. This goes back to the simplest part of fat loss - creating a calorie deficit. If you eat too many calories, it's going to be near impossible to lose a lot of body fat. So eat healthy, but in the APPROPRIATE amount of healthy
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