Fat Needs To Be Thin In King David Schools Essay

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Throughout our lives we are told about healthy and unhealthy foods and the effects it all has on our bodies whether it be the negatives or the positives. Through the years scientists have found that certain foods are better for us, and some are worse, but what really is the truth?

The research topic that has been given to the grade 12 matric students is, 'Fat needs to be thin in King David Schools'. Within this topic I put together surveys to find as much accurate information as I possibly could towards the need of being thin in a teenagers eyes in King David schools. I explored the topics within health and nutrition as a guideline to broaden my accuracy.

Teenagers in today's time strive to look as good as they possibly can regardless of the dangers, majority of the time and this is what my main focus is going to be, the lifestyle and look teenagers want to up hold in order to stay as good
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Food is where a lot of this weight loss comes in too,may it be healthy or unhealthy, and just like exercise has advantages and disadvantages so does the food we put into our bodies.

In today's time 'fad diets' are extremely popular. Fad diets are described as diets that promise fast weight loss and are usually an unhealthy and an unbalanced diet as food groups are cut out in order to lose weight as quickly as possible.

A diet like this is one that I explored, called Banting which was discovered by Tim Noakes. This diet consists of a high fat, high protein diet and near to no crabs or sugar. The problem with this kind of a diet is that you are cutting out your essential food groups such as, just to name a few, your natural sugars from fruits which contain vitamins and minerals that are essential and your whole wheat carbohydrates and vegetables which give you your energy source for the
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