Persuasive Essay On Fat Women

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Here’s a fun fact to brighten your day: fat girls are crazy. No, really: scientists have established a link between obesity and all kinds of mental illness, from anxiety to psychiatric disorders. And the reason why I say “fat girls” and not “fat people” is because women in general already have much higher rates of mental illness than men; a full 25 percent of American girls are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. The mystery of the fat acceptance movement, explained! Actually, no; calling it “fat acceptance” is so misleading it borders on being an outright lie. A more accurate name would be “fat woman acceptance.” The membership of NAAFA is overwhelmingly female, and virtually all the “body positive” porn blogs on Tumblr are run by women. Can you name one male fat acceptance advocate? No you can’t, but you can rattle off a list of woman fat acceptance activists until the cows waddle home: Kate Harding, Melissa McEwan, Lindy West, Kira Nerusskaya… The reason why no man would dare to advocate for fat acceptance is because nobody likes whiny, weak men, and crying about how the world needs to “accept” you is the definition of being whiny and weak. If a man were to complain about being overweight, the instinctive response—from both men and women—is to tell him to stop being a fag and get in the gym. But when a woman claims she’s oppressed by evil…show more content…
Of course shaming works. Ever wonder how Chinese and Korean girls stay so skinny? It’s not because of genetics, it’s because if they gain so much as five extra pounds, their parents will snicker and call them “fatty” to their faces. A friend of mine told me when she was a kid, her father successfully guilted her mother into losing her post-pregnancy fat by constantly drawing attention to it, mentioning how she was getting “hefty” and “big.” She later confessed to my friend that she stayed skinny because her husband’s teasing made her feel embarrassed and
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