Fate And Fate In Macbeth

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Macbeth is called the Scottish curse and superstitious people think speaking the name Macbeth inside a theatre will cause a disaster unless it a part of the performance. The play Macbeth was written by Shakespeare in 1606. The play is about Macbeth and his ambitious which lead him to his doom. Shakespeare 's show how knowing fate that aren’t supposed to know could lead to disaster through one action. In the beginning Macbeth was an honest and good person but after coming to know about his fate, he start killing people to get what he want and avoid what he don’t want to happen. In Act 1, Macbeth didn’t know about the prophecies and only did his job naturally so it didn’t lead to any disaster. When he receive the news he was happy to be thane of “glamis, and thane of cawdor!” (1.3.134) but he believe “the greatest is behind” (1.2.135) if the prophecies from the witches are true. Macbeth win the war and save the kingdom twice in a day so it only right he get promoted. This connected to the thesis because here Macbeth didn’t know about his fate before the war. So all he know is protecting the kingdom from invader and rebel, he only know how to do his job as a general. He didn’t thought of killing other to get promoted or rewarded by the king. And because of the prophecies, he did something he can’t ever return from. In Act 2, Macbeth kill king Duncan for the throne. His “hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red” (2.2. 82-84). He know
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