Free Will In The Aeneid

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Free Will
“What deep hurt made the queen of the gods thrust a famously righteous Man into so many spirals of chance to face so many labours? Anger so great: can it really reside in the spirits of heaven?” (Virgil, 29 and 19 BC, p. 4). The first question that Virgil has posed in his opening paragraph is one of those questions that touches on the moral conduct of the Gods. The following question is a sort of contemplative pondering into the Gods’ actions. In this case the author is referring to Juno, who despises Aeneas, the protagonist of the novel. She knows that Carthage, the city she admires will someday be destroyed by the Trojan descendants and since Aeneas is marching towards there, an anger has arisen in her to prevent that from happening.
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Amor obeys his dear mother’s instructions and now sheds his feathered.” (Virgil, Aenied, 29 and 19 BC, p. 15). The gods not only intervene with the humans’ routine and actions, they also have the power to control the very love they possess. Aeneas’ mother, Venus, is the goddess of love and compassion, and Cupid, her son, is the god of erotic desire. These two characteristics are the core elements of pleasure. It is love that sets sail a thousand ships. It is love that makes a mother dedicate her entire life for her baby. Yet they have the power to control it. “Venus, Cythera’s goddess, was spinning some new plots deep in her heart. Her intent was that Cupid, her own child, switch his appearance and face, then come in to replace sweet Ascanius, madden the queen, kindle fire with the gifts, set her bone-marrow blazing.” (Virgil, Aenied, 29 and 19 BC, p. 15). Here, they are trying to deceive Dido into falling in love with Aeneas. This aspect of the gods make the gods even more terrifying. It gives them a rather ferocious characteristic rather than the intentioned moral conduct. This is because they have power to not even set their fate, but also decide whom to love or what they should feel during their journey. It is almost like they are programming a computer which does exactly what it is coded to
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