Fate And Fate In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story, written by the famous William Shakespeare. In the beginning of the play, we find out that there is a feud between the Montagues and Capulets. Romeo belongs to the Montagues and Juliet belongs to the Capulets. Romeo is persuaded into attending the Capulet’s ball, where he sees Juliet and they immediately fall in love. Later that night, Romeo sneaks out to Juliet’s house, where they plan a marriage. They get married in secret, with only the Friar and Nurse knowing. Romeo angrily kills Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, causing him to be banned from Verona. Juliet mourns, and is forced to marry Paris by her parents in hopes of her happiness. Juliet does not want to marry him, so she desperately goes to the Friar for help. There, he gives her a vial that will put her to sleep long enough for her family to think that she is dead, and bury her. At that same time, the Friar sends a letter to Romeo telling him the plan. The vial works, but Romeo does not get the letter in time due to the plague. Romeo buys poison and drinks it next to Juliet’s body. Juliet wakes to find him dead, and also kills herself out of grief. Some may argue that the two lovers’ deaths were fate, but some argue free will. Fate being that they had no control over their death, and free will being they made the choice, and they had complete control. I think it was fate that caused Romeo and Juliet’s death.…show more content…
Romeo states, “With this night’s revels, and expire the term / Of a despised life closed in my breast…But He that hath the steerage of my course / Direct my sail!” (Shakespeare 1.4.116-117, 119-120). On his way to the party where he meets Juliet, he states that he fears something bad is going start that will lead to his death. He hopes that whoever is controlling his life will direct him in the right direction, away from danger. When he says this, it shows that Romeo believes fate is controlling
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