Fate And Free Will In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five

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Slaughterhouse-Five to be described in one word would be impossible, but if needed, I would describe it as paradoxical or disordered. This novel ,written by Kurt Vonnegut, follows the life of an incompetent war veteran named Billy Pilgrim. Billy Pilgrim is shown to have the ability to jump around in time, but of his on life. Even though he is able to do this he can’t change the outcome, Free will isn’t an option. In the story it mentions the ideas of Fate and Free will and how some believe in one than the other. For example Billy Believes in fate since he has no control of his life, even though he can travel through it. As mentioned in the novel by a Tralfamadorian, “Only on Earth is there any talk on free will.” After reading this quote it revealed to me the meaning of the novel, but I touch on this later. To begin with, Through the novel Billy Pilgrim is shown to be able to jump to any point of his life ,but isn’t capable of change the outcome of any event. This makes the reader question if “Free Will” is an option in a person’s life. Even though this is happening characters in the story still believe in Free Will. Tralfamadorians are evidence that this ideal is true; these plungers looking aliens, have the ability to see in four dimensions. With this power they…show more content…
Billy pilgrim knows for a fact that Free will doesn’t exist ,but still tries to live life normally even that knowledge. After all, Free Will allows us to change our Future. Tralfamadorians tells Billy that Free Will is something humans made up to, while everyone else in the universe knows otherwise. Billy uses this to comfort himself and face the suffering of aging, pain ,and even death. Maybe that’s what makes us human ,we believe we have control of lives. Remember this is just a story we may never know which is true. Do we control our lives outcome or is it a predetermine
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