Fate And Prophecy In 'The Myth Of Cronus'

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“The Myth of Cronus” is about how Cronus overthrows his father, because his father is evil. Then Cronus hears that one of his own children will overthrow him so he swallows each one as soon as it is born. His wife/sister Rhea didn’t want him to swallow her last child, Zeus so she gave him a rock in the shape of a baby for him to swallow. So Rhea sent Zeus to live with mortals. When Zeus was older he freed his brothers and sisters. Together they overthrew Cronus, and became Zeus became the “King of god’s”. Both The Lightning Thief and “The Myth of Cronus” have the same theme Fate and Prophecy.
In “The Myth of Cronus”, one of the themes is Fate and Prophecy. For example, “His father had predicted that this would happen. In order to be sure that he kept power and the prophecy did not come true...”. This shows that Cronus’s father had a prophecy and knew that one of Cronus’s children will dethrone Cronus. This explains how the theme prophecy and fate is in “The Myth of Cronus.” In the text it says, “Cronus attempted to escape fate by swallowing each child as soon as it was born.” This shows that Cronus tried to escape fate,
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For example, when Percy visited the Oracle the Oracle said, “You shall go west, and face the god who has turned... You shall find what was stolen, and see it safely returned... You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend... And you shall fail to save what matters most, in the end…” This is a prophecy and fate that the Oracle told. Percy cannot escape this fate. This shows that the theme in The Lightning Thief is fate and prophecy. In the text it says, “He snapped his fingers… Out crawled something glistening black, about the size of my hand. A scorpion...You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend.” This shows that the prophecy was fulfilled Luke betrayed Percy and Percy couldn’t avoid that fate. This all shows that in The Lighting Thief the theme is fate and

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