Fate: Fate And Fate In Oedipus The King

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Oedipus’s wrongdoings were caused by his actions but fate plays a role in controlling his life. A person might ask what is fate? Fate is the story of your life written with ink so it could not be changed, so free will does not exist because everything a person does is destined to be their fate. For Oedipus the king, his fate was more like hell on earth. Even before he was born the prophecies that were sent for his parents about him were not so good. Oedipus was a king who was controlled by his emotions dramatically, but he was still in control of his actions.

Although Oedipus had the choice of making his actions; he was not responsible for what his actions led him to, fate worked in a twisted way to teach him and those around him that there’s no escape from it, because fate is unchangeable, predestined and a destination. Each person has a purpose to live for, like the story in the holy Quran about the prophet Yousef whose brothers tried to get rid of and keep him away from their father because he was his dad’s favorite and was chosen by God to be a prophet. Even
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King Laius and his queen Jocasta received an oracle, delivering some news of a prophecy “it declared that doom would strike him down at the hands of a son, our son, to be born of our flesh and blood, but Laius, so the report goes at least, was killed by strangers, thieves” Jocasta was telling Oedipus about the oracle that she and her husband received long ago about their own son that he would kill his father. But when her husband; the king, died it was reported that he was killed by strangers or thieves meaning the prophecy did not come true. If the report of the murder stated that one man killed the king then the queen would have suspicion, but because it was a group of people she did not give it much thought and thought the prophecies were futile. Denying facts and being ignorant to the truth will not make fate
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