Fate In 'Holes And A Lesson Before Dying'

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In the story “Holes” by Louis Sachar shows an example fate because a character named Stanley Yelnats whole family was born with bad luck. “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Lesson Before Dying” share one thing which is that they have problems that they can’t control. The book “Holes” shows that Stanley was born with a curse to have bad luck. Fate is a series of uncontrollable events that cause death.
Fate falls into place in “Romeo and Juliet” because they both predicted their deaths. “I have feeling this party tonight will be the start of something bad something that will end with my own death.” This shows that Romeo had a bad feeling about going to the party. Fate is telling him that something bad might happen if he goes to the party. “I think I’d
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“Y’all asking a lot, Mr.Wiggins from a poor old nigger who never nothing”. Jefferson is a colored man and never had anything easy since he was black. Jefferson is giving up on Grant trying to make him a man. “Just a old hog they fattening up to kill for Christmas”. Jefferson knew he was he was going to die he just didn’t know what day. Jefferson is ready to die because he is worried what day he’s going to die. Since Jefferson was colored he knew his fate.
In “ Romeo and Juliet” Romeo knew going to the party he was going to the party he was going to die from love In “A lesson before dying” Jefferson knows he’s going to die because of his skin color. “My life is in the hands of my enemy”. Juliet says she’s in love with her enemy because of the party they met each other. “Cause I’m goin to die soon? That make me a man Mr.Wiggins?”. Because Jefferson is going to die and is asking questions. He wants to know what makes a man. Fate is a series of uncontrollable that cause death.
In “Romeo and Juliet” Romeo and Juliet” Romeo died because he went to that party and fell in love In “A lesson before dying” Jefferson died because the area he was racist. Fate is a series of uncontrollable events that cause death, In Ernest Gaines “A lesson before dying” and William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”. So these two stories show that fate is something we all have and have to deal with
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