Fate Vs. Freewill In Sophacoles Oedipus The King

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One major theme in Oedipus is fate vs. freewill. Through this story, Sophacoles shows his opinion on this conflict. Sophacoles opinion is that the choices you make through free will lead you to your fate. He beleives fate is something you cannot avoid. In Oedipus there are many examples of people trying to avoid their fate and failing, thus revealing Sophacles beleif on the matter. For example, when Oedipus heard the prophecy that he would murder his father and kill his mother, he left his home. Unknowingly, he left his adoptive parents home, only to fulfill the prophecy with his real mother and father. In order to further his point, Sophacles wrote more than one example in Oedipus. Another one of these examples he made was out of Jocasta and
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