Father And Child Relationship In King Lear

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William Shakespeare’s King Lear is about the father and child relationship, sibling relationship, greed in political power, similarities of characters, romantic rivalry, poor judgement, loyalty, trust, and death of the protagonist.
Cordelia, who is the daughter of King Lear and Edgar, who is the son of Gloucester, is similar with each other. They both show loyalty to their father. Cordelia is banished by his father while Edgar is forced to hide because his brother, Edmund told him to. Goneril and Regan who is the daughters of King Lear are similar with Gloucester’s son, Edmund. They are like pretending to love their father but actually they are just doing that to get what they want which is to acquire their father’s land and title. King Lear and Gloucester both have poor judgment. King Lear wasn’t able to see the love of Cordelia to him and the future plans of Goneril and Regan which is to make him miserable and to betray him while Gloucester is gullible with Edmund’s trick and fraud.
The actors of the play were able to show what the characters is about and on how they express their emotions and acting. When King Lear decided to divide his kingdom for his three daughters, and the daughters must tell their father about their love for him, I already know that Goneril and Regan is a traitor because of their face expressions. I already can tell that what they are telling to King Lear does not come from their heart even if I don’t understand some of their few lines. The way they
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