Father And Son Analysis

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A father and son relationship should be based on love, support, importance, leadership, time and affection. It should not be based on financial support. A father should listen to his son, encourage him and not let anything get between them. But that’s the opposite of Troy and his sons. Throughout the play “ Fences “ by August Wilson, Troy is a megalomaniac father and, as a result of this, he will never allow his sons to be better than him. He holds them back does anything in his powers to prevent them from excelling. As evidence shows, Troy was not giving the chance to play baseball. He prevents his younger son, Cory, from achieving his athletic potential. Cory was told that some college recruiters were coming to see him. Troy is always in the need to put house rules for his 17-18-year-old son. But his father made a decision that he (Cory) is not going to take part in football anymore. He did it without hearing his son opinion about what he thought about it. According to the play, Troy does not care about what his…show more content…
And does not want anybody to question him at all. Troy wants Cory to understand that he ( Troy ) is the one in charge. And the only commander in his son life. Also, he wants his son to acknowledge the fact that he is the father and he needs to obey him. And not to neglect his instructions. “ I don’t care what nobody else say. I’m the boss . . . you understand? I’m the boss around here. I do the only saying what counts” ( I.iii.36). Information from the play demonstrates that Troy is the one that puts the laws. A son should follow his father not the way around. “ Troy Maxson in Fences establishes his dominance and authority as head of the household ” ( Wattley 4). Wattley is supporting Troy, in the fact that he is the man of the house. Who puts the rules. Troy was taught that he is the man who is in the task of everything. Also, he likes to manipulate his relationship between him and
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