Father And Thomas Analysis

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The house is filled with Father and Thomas 's yells. Why can 't my family understand that my brother, Thomas, is a Whig? He only has different stand points on this new act England has passed, The Stamp Act. Ever since March 22, 1765 when the Stamp Act was passed (history.com) that 's all that is talked about in the colonies anymore. I wish I could tell them that I am a Whig too, but Mother and Father would hate me forever. They would maybe even kill me if they knew that I came along with Thomas to help The Sons and Daughters of Liberty every time we can. Why can 't the just understand that all this act is is Taxation without representation?! Just that one phrase sends a wave of adrenaline throughout me. “Amity! Get in here right now to…show more content…
Thomas was kicked out of the house last night. No matter what happens today all I can do is rewind the scene. Father looks at Thomas. “Who are you?”
Thomas looks back at him. “What? I 'm your son.”
“No you 're not. My son died March 22. Get out of my house!”
“Honey don 't do this,” Mother says,”He 's only a boy. Don 't do that to him! Please? He 's your own flesh and blood”
“Get off of me! I don 't know this man. I only have a daughter,” Father says pointing at me,”Get out of my house you Whig!” The memory won 't leave my memory and I don 't know if it ever will.
{Time Change: November 1765}
Today is November 1, 1765, the day The Stamp Act takes place. Uncle Andrew is in hiding now and has taken Thomas 's room because The Sons of Liberty burnt his house down only a few months ago. If I had the guts I 'd tell the Sons and Daughters of Liberty where he 's living now, but I don 't know if I could do that. It might end up to were I end up dead along with Mother and Father. I can 't take this anymore! Why is Britain treating us like we don 't matter?! We 're the ones who they profit off of! The colonies are coming together and we will stop this act! I know in my heart we will make
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