Father Figure In Huckleberry Finn

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Christ Created in Characters In Mississippi in 2011, twenty-one year old Joseph Dominick and others pleaded guilty to a criminal charge against a group of young teenagers and men because of racial issues and tortured them by actions such as using a slingshot to hurl metal ball bearings at them or running them over with cars (Mississippi 1). These African Americans were discriminated and assaulted because of their appearance and beliefs. Similarly, Jim in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain was disliked because he was African American, however, he became a father figure in the novel because of his actions. Regarding this, Jesus Christ was also disliked because of his beliefs and became a father figure because he guided…show more content…
When Jim and Huck find a floating house on the river, they also discover a dead body, but Jim does not let Huck take a glimpse it because it is too ghastly. At the end of the novel, Jim reveals to Huck that he will not need to worry about his father anymore “...kase dat wuz him” (Twain 220) in the floating house. Although, Huck did not know that currently, Jim wanted their journey to continue and did not want Huck to be dreadful, therefore Huck trusted Jim because he is a father figure to Huck. Only a father would keep his child from viewing a ghastly object and Twain uses this to emphasize that Huck’s metaphorical father in this novel is Jim. In addition to being a father figure to Huck, Jim is also one to Tom Sawyer, even though he treats him like a slave. When Tom was shot while trying to help Jim escape, the doctor had issues working by himself. He cried out for help and Jim crawled out of the woods, risking his freedom and “...says he [will] help…”( Twain 214) by nursing Tom partially back to health. Jim puts another before himself even though he formulated a ludicrous plan and did not treat him like he was “white”, the way Huck did. Altogether, Jim is noticed as a father figure because he protects Huck from possibly dangerous events and helps Tom when the doctor cannot…show more content…
Jesus Christ was not liked by multiple because of his beliefs but still became a father figure. Correspondingly, Jim is a metaphorical father to Huck and Tom, as well as disliked by several because of his race, which makes him an embodiment of Christ, however some believe he is not Christ-like because he is superstitious. Throughout Huck and Jim’s adventure, they encounter innumerable treacherous occasions, such as when Huck and Jim find a dead man in a floating house on the river and Jim protects Huck from acknowledging the body because it was too ghastly, however, later in the book, Huck find out that the man was his father and Jim was protecting him like a father. In addition, Jim risks his freedom to help the doctor nurture Tom back to health after he was shot, but Tom treats Jim like a slave and still he agrees to risk his freedom to help Tom. Comparatively, Jim is constantly disliked because of his race. When Jim runs away, there is a reward to find him and others are determined to find him for the money. Also, after Jim helps the doctor, he explains to the men at Aunt Sally’s house that a slave helped him and should be worth a thousand dollars, even after he did a superior task. However, Jim is not discerned as Christ-like figure because he superstitious, such as when he knows it is going to rain when birds fly by.
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