Father Gee's Contentment In Religion

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In Father Gee 's sermon of 1Timothy 6:2-12 was explained in literal, moral, and allegorical interpretation of the scriptures. This scripture is a one of the "letters of encouragement and guidance to the missionary churches" ("New Testament", Bond) that Saint Paul wrote to Timothy about bondservants (slaves) and masters, false teaching, and true contentment in God (1Tim. 6, ESV). Father Gee specifically focused on the true contentment in religion part of the scriptures because it aligns well with the current events and adherents ' temptations of worldly desires.
Saint Paul wanted to preach and guide the people the same doctrine and teachings. He did not want people to seek worldly desires and the love of money which Saint Paul identifies as a root of all kinds of evils. Greed and wrongly sought contentment will cause people to wander away from the faith. Saint Paul was not just warning people with the love of money but these harmful desires will eventually lead people to deny the faith. With this literal interpretation Father Gee explained the sermon morally.
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People invest money and time in their favorite sports teams to cheer the players and support their hometowns or schools. Do adherents invest their resources to seek contentment in God? Do adherents get excited to come to church and listen to sermons? He said it is extremely easy for people to seek enjoyable matters in the world because they are easily available for us. However, that should not be the highlight of the weekend nor be the indication of your contentment. He was preaching that the people of true faith in God should be able to find their contentment in God because God gives so much to them. Religion with contentment is a great gain because "we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world" (1Tim. 6:7, ESV). This eternal perspective helps adherents to avoid the worldly
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