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Abstract – This study reviews several empirical researchers which highlight relationship between father involvement and divorced father’s psychological well-being. According to Ryff (1989) psychological well-being is active engagement in a number of existential challenges. The father not successful in marriage or divorced was not achieved Erikson’s generativity which they were unsatisfied and not well-being. However, the positive relationship between father’s senses of competence involvement in child-related activities was stronger for divorced fathers. Research consistently shows that positive father involvement provides important benefits to children. Father involvement is negatively associated with divorced father’s psychological wellbeing…show more content…
Although their physically breakout but the relationship between father, mother and child continues as flesh and blood. This research will focus on relationship between father involvement and divorced father’s psychological well-being. Fathers make important contributions to their children’s development and well-being (Wilson & Prior, 2011). Kalmijin (2016) explain how non-resident fathers influence child well-being through interaction of father–child contact and the perceived quality of the father–child relationship. Researchers have found that those who have strong ties to non-resident fathers exhibit fewer internalizing problems and less acting out at school than adolescents who have weak ties to their fathers (King & Sobolewski, 2006). This because the effect of divorce on the quality of father-child relationship and father’s psychological well-being is moderated by residence of children (Shapiro & Lambert,…show more content…
Quantity and quality of father involvement will influence on children’s development. Therefore, this has led to a substantial research effort in trying to identify factors that may affect divorced fathers’ parental behaviour. Father involvement used the three-part definition first proposed by Lamb, Pleck, Charnov and Levine (1985): engagement, availability and responsibility. Engagement is interacting directly with the child. Availability is being accessible and responsibility is providing financial support or making decisions about the

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