Father Son Relationship In Night By Elie Wiesel

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` We were introduced to 3 different father son relationships in this section. Elie and his father, Rabbi Eliahou and his son, and the bread man and Meir. The three have both similarities and differences. The first father-son group is Elie and his father. They would do anything to not be separated. Elie had a couple of moments of doubt with his father, like when he was being beaten and Elie was mad at his father for getting in the guards way. In a way, they kept each other alive. Elie and his father are probably the least corrupted relationship out of the 3. They stuck together no matter what, and helped each other in times of hardship. Rabbi Eliahou and his son always seemed to have the same kind of relationship as Elie and his father. Always looking out for each other, and doing whatever it took to stay together. Rabbi Eliahou was like Elie’s father, always loyal and loving to his son. However, Rabbi Eliahou’s son decided to leave his father behind, something Elie wouldn’t ever think of doing. Rabbi Eliahou’s son saw his dad as a weak link that was slowing him down. When he had the chance, Rabbi Eliahou’s son tried to lose his dad to increase his chances of survival.…show more content…
This relationship was very much like Rabbi Eliahou and his son’s. The man had taken some bread and he had brought some to share with his son Meir. Meir killed his own father to get the bread, then he was also killed over the bread. Both this relationship and Rabbi Eliahou and his son’s were similar. Both relationships had loyal fathers, and those fathers were betrayed by their sons in the times of extreme hardship. The relationship between the bread man and Meir differs greatly from Elie and his father’s. Elie and his dad managed to remain supportive of each other, while the other relationships cracked under the pressure of the horrible things happening to
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