Father Son Relationship In Twelve Angry Men

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The connection a man has with his father shapes his life. Which is why this is an important choice a boy must choose to decide whether that relationship will define him. When abuse, humiliation, and insult are throughout one’s childhood can scar an individual for life. That scar being having a group of twelve jurors are deciding his life or death when he is accused of murdering his father. When dealing with a father/son relationship, you are dealing with a bond that is considered to be one of the strongest things on this earth. Throughout the film Twelve Angry Men, we see a situation where this connection is used by two jurors to help them understand the accused and decide this boy's fate. Juror #8 brought up multiple points about the accused…show more content…
However, Juror #8 is not the only one who is using the father/son relationship to assume whether or not the accused boy deserves the guilty verdict. Juror #3 is clearly shown to be a father. When talking about the way these kids are during that time period, #3 got up and walked around the table, recounting the day when he was a kid. He was very polite and respectful when he was addressing his father which caused him to ask the jurors if they have ever heard a kid call his father “sir” anymore to which Juror #8 commented, saying that “Fathers do not seem to think it is important anymore.” #3 looked down to #8 and asked #8 if he had any children to which he said that he had…show more content…
The picture included him next to his son who was twenty-two. This prompted #3 to recount a tale of how his son ran away from a fight when he was nine. He felt so embarrassed that he vowed to make a man out of his son and he did not care if he had to break him from trying. He noted that he did when his son was 16 and they had a fight that caused his to hit him on the jaw. Adding after that, he has not heard from him for two years, concluding with the words "Kids. Work your hearts out." Juror 3 ends it the story by saying "Now, let's get going.” He got up from the chair and walked away from the side table where he sat to talk with #8 but before going back to his seat to continue looking at the photo. Throughout this scene, you can see that #3 clearly have a poor relationship with his son. This conclusion cause Juror #3 to be immediately against Juror #8 because he clearly has a better relationship with his children. Given that this man is doing everything in his power to support this child who is not even his and is not sure of himself of doing the
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