Father Son Relationships In Antigone And The Dead Poets Society

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In the play Antigone and the movie Dead Poets Society, the consequences of pressure, control, and a lack of understanding in father-son relationships are illustrated through the mental health of Haimon and Neil. Playwright, Sophocles and screenwriter, Tom Schulman are able to effectively demonstrate the immense pressure that can be put on children in father-son relationships through Mr. Perry and Creon’s interactions with their sons. When Mr. Nolan speaks to Mr. Perry regarding his high expectations for Neil, Mr Perry addresses his son, claiming that “ he won’t disappoint us. Right Neil?” (Schulman). A similar type of stress is placed on Haimon when his father Creon questions his reason for returning, asking “Have you come here hating me, or have you come with deference and with love, whatever I do?”(Sophocles…show more content…
Furthermore, the dire consequences of a lack of understanding in father-son relationships are illustrated through the self harm inflicted by both Neil in the Dead Poets Society and Haimon in Antigone. Following their parents’ lack of understanding regarding their emotional states, both Haimon and Neil commit suicide to escape the pain of their lives (Sophocles 239; Schulman). Neil and Haimon are both going through difficult times in their lives, as they both are growing into young adults and are in need of guidance; however, their parents’ inability to give them the support that they need leads to their ultimate downfall. The emotional pain that Neil feels over his parents’ lack of understanding regarding his love of acting, and the pain that Haimon feels over Creon not wanting him to be with Antigone leads both of them to feel as though they can never truly fit in or be happy in their own
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