Fatherless Eulogy

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In memory of Otis, age 77, died in March 19, 2007
In 1929, in a small town, on a kitchen table, my dad Otis came into this world. At age of three, his father Noel died, also his mother, Eula was pregnant with his brother Garland, of the ten children although where were step and half, you wouldn’t know it by meet them. After completing 6th grade, he stays home to support his family on the farm.
50 years of marriage, and also, he had two sons, and two daughters, and in addition to that there were five grandchildren, and three great grandsons, and he provides opportunities for his children graduate from high school, and two of went to college. He built his own house, and repaired the family vehicles, also employed as a tow motor operator for 30 years, after retiring, he also works as a janitor for 11 years at an Elementary School, and he provides help to his friends by putting up hay, also he fills in as a father figure for his nephew and mowing grass, and cut down trees. While layoff, he butchered cows, and painted houses. 20 years, as a member of the Church and the Fire Department, although he afraid of heights, however, he climbed up a silo, and carried a man down who hung himself at the peak, also man had been up
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Dear Daddy, With your compassion, spirit; you always watched over us. With your patient spirit; you remind us to wait for the right man. With your lovely spirit; you showed us how to stand on our own. With your understanding spirit; you taught us to have strength and courage. Now, I can say proudly; you were a wonderful father. From the girls. Where are You? You left your lantern lit. Your dogs are barking. The catfish are biting. Raccoon 's running up the tree. Your lantern starts flickering. Now we know you are with us. We grab the gun. Fishing pole starts to bend. We know it 's time to reel it in. Under calm moonlit. We can be together again. We will keep your lantern lit. So you can come join us again. From the
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