Fatigue And Brain Fog Persuasive Speech

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In my last email, I shared with you some recent and startling research that uncovered an important yet unknown fact: While salt has traditionally been thought of as one of the biggest factors of hypertension, sugar plays an even bigger role in skyrocketing our blood pressure.
But out-of-control blood sugar doesn’t just drive up your blood pressure, it may also be causing you to feel exhausted, cranky, and hungry all of the time. How does it do this exactly?
Fatigue and Brain Fog
Ever heard of something called Orexin? It sounds like the latest, “greatest” prescription medication but it is actually a chemical in the brain that keeps you feeling awake and alert. Consuming high levels of sugar essentially breaks our Orexin system and reduces the
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Some in high amounts!
As I mentioned in my previous email, we all know that soda, cookies, candy, donuts, and cake are loaded with sugar, but did you know the yogurt that’s supposed to be healthy for you also has a high amount? Or that salad dressing or spaghetti sauce? You’ve been told it’s important to read labels but I am going to repeat it now because it bears repeating: READ THOSE LABELS!
And, to make matters ten times worse, the more sugar we eat (whether we realize we are eating it or not), the more we become addicted to it. Like other drugs (both legal and illegal), sugar causes a chemical reaction in the brain which makes us feel high and awesome. Over time, it takes more and more sugar to get that same high and we become full-blow sugar addicts.
Sugar is a modern day epidemic …
That is not an overstatement. Sugar plays the biggest role in the epidemic we see of chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and heart disease, to name a few.
Thankfully, I’ve discovered a simple 3-step plan for putting a stop to reverse high blood sugar for good. And, you even get to eat delicious “forbidden

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