Fatigue In Frederick Douglas's Death Of Covey

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Douglass arrives at Covey’s farm on January 1, 1833, and he is forced to work in the fields for the first time. For his first task he had to fix an oven. Douglass failed fixing the oven so, Covey orders him to take off his clothes and receive punishment. Covey often works in the fields with his slaves. Douglass recalls that he spent his hardest times as a slave during his first six months rented to Covey. Douglass loses his spirit, his intellect, his desire to learn, and his natural cheerfulness. He was thinking of suicide. He begs for God’s deliverance and then wonders if there actually is a God. In August 1833, on a particularly hot day, Douglass collapses from fatigue. Covey kicks him repeatedly. He sneaks back to Auld’s and tells them
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