Fatima Character Analysis

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Fatima is certainly an easy person to hate because she’s so cruel and aggressive. She goes out of her way to pick fights with members of her community. She verbally harasses and physically assaults them, and she feels absolutely no remorse for doing so. Her behavior is immensely contemptable, but I can see how it may have developed. Despite the fact that she had absolutely no control over her physical disability, her parents essentially blamed her for her imperfections. She was hidden away and ignored because she didn’t meet the standard of acceptable attractiveness, and thus could never be presented to the world – at least not in any connection to her family. Her parents virtually disowned her, which significantly impacted her self-worth.…show more content…
These were her only tools to combat the harassment she was forced to endure, and she learned how to use them effectively. All she ever wanted was to be accepted and respected by the other members of her community, but that could never happen because no one was willing to overlook her physical appearance enough to realize that she was just as human as everyone else. This lack of acceptance influenced the maturation of her selfishness so that she currently only has the capacity to care for herself and her own needs. This is obvious to see in her behavior. She doesn’t love her children the way a mother is generally supposed to, as seen when she drowned one of her kids and set herself on fire without considering how it would impact her daughter that witnessed the ordeal. She’s a toxic person that’s let her bitterness and hatred of her community consume her. It’s unfortunate that her disability has caused her to be an outcast and the butt of every joke, but it’s despicable how she continuously uses it as an excuse to attack…show more content…
There’s an opinion that’s been expressed in several books and television shows where the characters have verbally expressed the fact that they’d rather be dead than crippled/disabled. While a vast majority of people don’t deliberately insult or harass disabled people, they do pity them, which can still have a negative impact. No one likes to be pitied, because it makes them feel inferior and incapable. This holds true for people with disabilities as well. I knew a girl in high school that had a learning disability, so she was put into separate classes with other students that had similar issues. She was segregated from the rest of the school, and the only time she really got to interact with anyone outside of her specialized classes was at lunch or in the art classes she’d taken. I remember her despising the school because no one seemed to understand that just because she struggled to keep up with the rest of her classmates, didn’t mean that she was stupid. She knew exactly what people thought of her, that they pitied her, and she felt really isolated as a result. Everyone at my school was careful to be nice to all of the disabled students, but I think that in some cases, the separation from their peers did more harm than good for these special needs students. Granted, there were some that didn’t comprehend the fact that they were deliberately separated from their classmates, and therefore couldn’t feel
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