Analysis Of Scheherazade Goes West

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Register to read the introduction…In search to gain there love he tried to show her how much he loved her putting her in the finest room dressing her in the finest clothes ,showering her in fancy jewelry but none of thought thing compared to the value her wings had one day he left to come back and see she had found and stolen her wing back along with there child. in the story the wings symbolized freedom a freedom the winged girl was deprived of .The story was told to Mernissi by her grandmother a story which along the line my be the reason why harem exit in the Arab world today they fear woman will leave there husband is the reason why man have decided to make harem a home for women they fear will leave them so they gather woman old or of young age locked up to be use. The book tour goes on Mernissi comes across different version of the book each one altering who Scheherazade , one written by Edgar Allan Poe who assassinated her each author changing her story…show more content…
women in the Arab world are strong then we think they are going through thing we American can never in go through ,our freedom compared to theirs is heaven. Reading this book allow me to open my eye to see and understand that not every thing I see on the television is how is it is in reality "Aladdin" was one of my favorite Disney movie in my eye I thought women looked happy they enjoyed being together but reality of this book showed me they portrayed the fantasies of the male mind brought to deem themselves as king beneath women. and showed me there are deeper conflicts that are consistently depriving Muslim woman from there wings there freedom. as a girl this teaches my to be grateful young girl in the Arab world do not have space for love they just become a name on a paper married to a stranger they don 't love , love for them is nothing but a folk tale. I learn some thinks about Muslim culture story i can then pass on to my
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