Bless Me Ultima Book Report

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After discovering the treasure Santiago decided to go in search for Fatima. He has tousands of spanish gold. And he wanted go and live forever with Fatima. But first he must passed over the big desert. With the power of to saw Fatima he troted along the short trip. Night was almost began. So he made a tiny tent to spend the night in the lonely desolate desert. When morning cames picked up his stufs and start to his trip. After he surpassed the desert. Santiago reached up to Fatima’s village but he shocked because of the kaos in the village. All the mens died. Santiago goes around village to understand what is going on this village. After looked around the village he decided to find the Alchamist. He went to his house. When he opened his house…show more content…
Also they abducted the all womens and the childs not excepting Fatima. While Santiago listening him with shock he thought to how he could found her. And he asked him to how I could found them. He answered, you could use your stones and it will show that where there are. After he listened the Alchamist he pulls out the Stones and place them on the palm of his hands. Then he shakes the stones, it showed the way of Fatima and others. But first he makes a spell to bury the mens who died in the terror. He said goodbye to the Alchamist. Then he hit the bricks to save Fatima and others. After tiring two days he camed to village which named Algeria to find information. Santiago tyried to find true person to asked a questions. He turned the around but he could not found it. He got tired and decided to sit down to took a rest. After few minitues later Santiago saw an old man at the corner. When he saw this man, he could felt that this old man was the true man to ask question. Santiago went to old man and said: hello my name is Santiago, I am triying to find womens and childs who abducted in my village. Did you saw them in there? He cumbrously looked at Santiago’s big eyeses and answers with a low voice, a few days ago I saw some captured womens and childs near this

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