Fatly Impulsive Decisions In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Fatally Impulsive Decisions
Imagine a group of teenagers at the age of 14. Imagine that group making fatuous decisions over and over again. Now, imagine something much much worse. This is the premise of the story: Romeo and Juliet, a story about two teenagers who should have never met. While reading the play, you start to notice that there are far worse and irresponsible decisions than good ones. This is mainly due to the impulsivity of this group of teens. This same impulsivity is what leads to the majority of their deaths.

Although Romeo and Juliet's impulsivity is the main reason for their death, their deaths can also be blamed for miscommunication. In the play, Lady Capulet makes many decisions for Juliet without her consent. She assumes that Juliet will be happy with her decision that she should love Paris.
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After Romeo Kills Tybalt in a bloody sword dual, he flees the scene before the authorities arrive. This shows impulsivity because when he left, it showed guilt. This guilt mad him look bad in front of the entire town which is one of the reasons why he was exiled out of the town by the prince. If he wasn’t exiled than Romeo and Juliet would not have died because Romeo would have known that Juliet was alive not just sleeping from a potion. It is easy to see that one thing leads after another and resisting just one impulsive decision could save a life or two.

Therefore in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, impulsivity is the main cause of their deaths. Decisions after decision, none of them realize what they are resting. There are never any short-term consequences for anyone's actions so they are never stopped from impulsive decisions until it is too late to change anything at the cost of the lives of multiple teenagers and their friends. In conclusion it is imperative that decisions should be thought out for the future and to not make the same mistakes that many of the characters in the play
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