Fatty Acid Synthesis Lab Report

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REGULATION OF FATTY ACID METABOLISM Introduction: Fatty acids are produced by acetyl-CoA by its transformation to malonyl-COA by various known as fatty acid synthases and this takes place in cytoplasm.Acetyl-COA is fuether transformed into various fats molecules taken from carbohydrates through a process known as glycolytic pathway.This pathway basically requires glycerol along with three fatty acid molecules to form a structure called as neutral fats or triglycerols.Two fatty acid molecules basically combines together with a molecule of glycerol along with third alcohol group is phosphorylated to form new structures such as phospholipid and phosphatidylcholine.It makes bilayers that involves in formation of cell membranes around various organelles…show more content…
Reduction iii. Dehydration iv. Reduction For fatty acid synthesis to begin, malonyl-CoA must be present. So the first committed step of this pathway is the carboxylation of acetyl CoA to malonyl-CoA catalyzed by acetyl CoA carboxylase. This reaction is shown below: After the production of malonyl-CoA, fatty acid biosynthesis proceeds in the following steps: 1) Transfer of acetyl group form acetyl CoA to acyl carrier protein (ACP) by the enzyme, acetyl CoA-ACP transacylase.Similarly, malonyl group of mallonyl-CoA is transferred to ACP by malonyl CoA-ACP transacylase. 2) Addition of CH3-CH2- group of acetyl-ACP to malonyl-ACP with the removal of CO2 and ACP. This reaction is catalyzed by β-keto ACP synthase. 3) Reduction of β-keto group to β-OH group by using NADPH as proton donor in a reaction catalyzed by β-keto ACP reductase. 4) Dehydration reaction between α and β carbons catalyzed by β-hydroxyacyl ACP dehydratase. 5) Reduction of trans-double bond by enoyl-ACP reductase utilizing NADPH as coenzyme. 6) Repetition of the above mentioned steps until palmitoyl-ACP is produced, the final product. This palmitoyl-ACP is then cleaved to palmitate and ACP by palmitoylthioesterase enzyme Regulation Of fatty acid

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