Faulkner's My Fear-Personal Narrative

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My Fear I slowly stepped backward skimming the rough, and rugged stony cave walls. As I kept walking backward as twelve inch scars formed rapidly on my forearms. My hands were sweating and my body was crammed with fear. A milky white ghost was following me like a shadow. I tried to take another step backward, but my bare foot backed into a sharp rocky third wall behind me. The sharp rocky third wall behind me instantly made scratches that looked like you had been tackled by a whole rugby team on my back. I looked around for an escape, but I was corned. Thoughts swirled around my head to think of an idea to get out of this awful mess. The milky ghost was now flying full throttle at me now. The ghost pounced onto me like he hadn’t eaten…show more content…
This was practically a living nightmare. I glanced around the room trying to get the slightest sense of what side of the bed I was on. After a minute of trying to find what side of the bed I was on I saw a dim light go on and off through the window and then, I knew where I was. I had done a 180 around my bed when I was asleep. My nose felt like it was being tickly, so I suddenly touched my nose and I realized that my nose was bleeding. It was like I had just been punched in the nose by a Floyd Mayweather. I reached for my bag of tissues that I kept by my bed. I ripped a tissue out and in seconds, it looked like it had been soaked in red water. I was already reaching for another tissue, but then I only felt the cardboard of the box. I was shocked, I had thousands of thoughts swirled through my head. I only had one thought appearing vividly in my head. I would have to walk through the pitchblack, deep gauntlet, another words the hallway. I had to get tissues or else my mattress would look like someone had been murdered. I felt around the table next to my bed to get my kindle. After a couple moments of skimming over the desktop my hand ran over the rough leather case. I grabbed my kindle and hit the on button.I squinted
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