Faulty Decisions In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo’s faulty decision caused the death of his best friend. To help is all he intended to do, but his act on impulse engendered a terrible decision. After the killing of Mercutio, Romeo found a way to end his life. The second of powerful decisions made by Romeo generated the death of his life and the beloved Juliet. Juliet stunted her death to run away with her husband Romeo. Romeo unaware of the false death killed himself next to Juliet just seconds before she woke up from a sleeping potion. Juliet then awoke next to her unresponsive husband, soon ready to take her life with a dagger. Romeo recites to Juliet as he takes the powerful poison:
“Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavory guide! Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on the dashing rocks thy seasick weary bark! Here’s to my love. {Drinking.} O true apothecary, thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die. {He dies.}” (5.3.117-120).
Hands trembling, Romeo took a gulp of poison the moment Juliet was waking. Dying was Romeo, and Juliet was awakening from deep sleep. If only Romeo had spoken another sentence. He made a bad decision to not speak about the death of juliet to others. After he found out the false news, Romeo led straight to the capulet tomb to die next to Juliet. His act on impulse led to the death of the main characters.
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Friar Lawrence was the man who married Romeo and Juliet, but he also made the sleeping potion for Juliet. Both of these topics related to the negligent decisions of Friar. To marry the two was the first idea in Friar Laurence 's mind. Friar agreeing to marry the couple without family consent was the first of terrible decisions. Romeo and Juliet came knocking on Friar’s doorstep, ready to get married. At first Friar disagreed to marry the two, but then he came to the conclusion that it would end the family feud. Friar Laurence
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