Faux Friendship Analysis

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“It has become appallingly obvius that our technology has exceed our humanity” Albert Einstein. In all honesty, Technology has it pros and cons. Some folks could argue that todays technology has fabricated the world we know and love, and others might have strong disagreements. To much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing and with technology rapidly expanding and becoming more user friendly; humanity has know become reliant on it. What it was to be social, has now become a thing of the past; and simple one on one interaction or communication is now handled through social media. Technology has made an enormous impact in the society. People tend to be further independent with technology besides its features. Technology is considered as…show more content…
For instance, it is unnecessary to have an extent list of contacts that you have added into your account of social media, such as Facebook, because there is no one to change feelings with. Based on the essay, it clearly says, “The image of the one true friend, a soul mate rare to find but dearly beloved, has completely disappeared from our culture” (Deresiewicz, 438). In other words, technology involves social media where people tend to lose physical connection to other. He blames social networking and social media for friendships these days not being what they used to be. Nowadays, people interact each other over the phone. Moreover, the essay who its called “How Computer Change the Way We Think” written by Sherry Turkle, he also states how computers change the way we think by giving several examples to show her main points. The method we use to communicate nowadays has changed to those used earlier generations. The way we study is also diverse, as we have a few clicks away a universe of information that is usually mixed between lies and truths, and we must know where to
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