Faux Friendship By William Deresiewicz Analysis

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In this passage “Faux friendship" the author William Deresiewicz express his feelings about how we have started counting our friends in numbers. He also describe his feelings about how friendship use to be private, sharing secrets and being face to face but now it’s like “388” people are having conversation together. Deresiewicz believes that Friendship is a feeling of sharing, caring and helping. He also talked about updating status that Why these updates or check-in are necessary, if you are loving that place or enjoying that moment, why you need to tell everybody. Why you just can’t give rest to your Phone. Deresiewicz also talked about the positive side of Facebook too that it helps to be in connected with long lost friends but also on the other hand he said, he didn't like to read the details of people life's that makes him feel empty and unpleasant and he also wrote that now on social media nothing is confidential. He also express himself towards the todays technology that people don’t like face to face interaction and he also said that we have given our hearts to machine, and now we are turning into machines. I agree with Deresiewicz when he said " But surely Facebook has its benefits long-lost friends can reconnect,…show more content…
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