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10 Most Iconic Movie Endings Watching movies is one of the favorite past-time of those people who want to enjoy a day without going out. These movies come in different genres such as science fiction, romance, comedy or dramatic movies. Each people have different taste when it comes to movies. Others may love romantic movies while others do not. Or other people may love dramatic movies but not science fiction movies. However, it is not that easy to make a great movie that will be remembered by the people for a long time. It is not that the plot should be great in order to make a great film but the beginning should capture the audience and the ending should be remembered by those who watched it.
Ending is the most vital part of a film. However, not all films leave a mark to its audiences after being
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Malcolm Crowe who was portrayed by Bruce Willis was exposed to be one of the people who were dead already that Cole sees. Cole was played by Haley Joel Osment). Although the ending was dry and cut, but it was shocking and gave satisfaction to the viewers as a film that belonged to mystery-thriller genre.
5. The Jerk (1979)
This is the only comedy film that made on this list which was written by Carl Gottleib, Michael Elias and Steve Martin. The paradox recognized at the beginning is what creates the ending of the film. This was when Navin who was portrayed by Steve Martin after losing everything, was ready to live his life on the streets when he was discovered by Marie who was portrayed by Bernadette Peters and Navin’s family who have productively invested the money which he sent home occasionally and are rich now.
6. The Killing (1956)
This film was modified by Jim Thompson and Stanley Kubrick. Johnny who was played by Sterling Hayden and Fay who was played by Coleen Gray are required to have their luggage full of money be checked and are not allowed to bring the luggage inside the plane as a carry on which was happened after the complicated racetrack
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