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My favourite tourist places in South Korea –
Siddhant sharma class 11-sdj modern school Surat Gujarat (395007).

The island-nation of South Korea has captivated me ever since I was in the eighth grade. As a matter of fact, the first portrayals of this country came to me in the form of kimchi (a fermented spicy dish) and a distinguished Korean horror movie; the tale of two sisters.

South Korea is a country that mesmerizes everyone due to its modern and technical approach. Today, it is being recognized as an industrialized, developed economy and is home to some of the world 's leading technology corporations like Samsung, Lg, and Hyundai etc. Not only does this heavenly little land have a striking and glorious heritage since the times of Joseon,
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This country has an awe-inspiring heritage and a plethora of traditions that are distinctive and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Being a person interested in history, I am naturally attracted towards this country which promises an amazing array of archaeological sites and museums, besides amazing modern phenomena like modern shopping complexes, trade-exchange centers and more. Being able to experience this entire up close would help me be a better, more informed citizen of the world.

Since we possibly cannot discuss or review all the tourist destinations in the country, let’s look at a few of tourist places which capture my attention: Gyeongbokgung palace, the National Museum of Korea and the Coex aquarium.

The Joseon dynasty built the "five grand palaces" in Seoul and the Gyeongbokgung palace is one of them. It is by far the most splendid and largest of them all and boasts a prolific and expressive architecture.
Identical to a phoenix, the palace has risen several times from the ashes of destruction. It was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times but this had not spoilt its beauty. Located in the heart of the capital, this palace in its prime state consisted of 330 buildings and had up to 3000 staff (including soldiers, officials

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