Fayol's Model Of Management Analysis

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Fayol argued that managers should plan, organize, control and lead which these functions are in agreement from the management models covered in class. The main task of management is to establish plans and goals which are profitable for the company. I use these basic models/ functions to my day to day activities to make sure that all management/leadership process is facilitated accordingly. I believe that a team that learns together and from each other can create a very constructive and productive atmosphere. The success of the team as a whole benefits each team member individually. In that situation each team member needs to be conscious about how he or she performs and how well the other team members perform in the group. This leads on to…show more content…
One of the dynamic principles as a manager should focus and allow resources to take ownership of their tasks and take responsibility. Also defining roles and responsivity clearer can help in reducing conflicts and minimize the risk of roles redundancy, in which it will drive the team in a good direction to realize the organizational goals and keep the business effective and efficient. Leadership development can also help the organization to grow and encourage learning that will keep the staff…show more content…
I disagree with Xolani’s comment about me not being Accommodating, Caring, loving & Ambitious, I am a very caring and open person. I am very set in my values and I can’t change those. I agree with Fundiswa when she added that I have continue to have a good heart and value important people in my life. Being a person with good values allows me to grow this culture which adds value to the business. I have discovered that there is no right or wrong management styles. All leadership styles have advantages and disadvantages. As a person you will never be perfect but you to continue striving yourself for the better. Accept criticism and work on it.


As I reflect back on this course, I experienced countless emotions and reactions. I also discovered areas that require reflection and areas that I surpass in. It exposed some traits that I have been avoiding to acknowledge existed. This course built my self confidence in areas that I never realized I could change. I need to improve my Emotional Intelligence to better improve and manage my emotions. I am a strong individual with high aspirations and need to eradicate these negative traits.

The feedback received from colleagues, friends and family was food for thought. They also highlighted areas that made me feel good and bought a smile to my face. This feedback made

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