Fdr Belived The Four Freedom Analysis

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Janurary 6 1941, Franklin D Rososevelt gave his historic State of the Union Address. It was titiled, Four Freedoms. His speech was centered on what he believed to be four fundamental freedoms that every nation should enjoy: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear. Out of his four essential human freedoms my attention goes to freedom from want. FDR described freedom from want as an, “economic understanding which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitant anywhere in the world.”

President Roosevelt’s State of the Union Address was so powerful it inspired artist Norman Rockwell to create a seris of four oil paintings that demonstrated what he belived the four freedoms meant. In March 1943, the freedom from want painting was published in The Saturday Evening Post. These painting are still recognized around the world today. But as the years went on and times have changed parodies from the classic Freedom From Want painting have emerged, altering the painting to conform to current generations. Posing the question, has the idea of freedom from want changed throughout the years?
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A family gathered together at the dinner table. But if we compare the orginal painting from what was meant to be FDR’s vision of freedom from want verses the paradies that are meant to demonstrate current generations, many details come to play. Rockwell’s orginal painting illilstrates a family gathered together for a healthy home cooked meal. The idividuals in the painting are well dressed and well groomed. The man at the head of the table is dressed in a suit as if he just cam home from work. While the women is serving a home cooked meal she probably just finished preparing considering she still has her apron on. The meal seems to be a generous sized turkey, fruits and vegetables as the sides and water as the beverage. The table is put together and
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