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“Never before have I had so little time to do so much” were the great words of 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was me! I had the nickname FDR and it is also true that I did so much in so little time. I led the country through the last six years of the Great Depression as well as the furious World War II. I then died on my fourth term because of a cerebral hemorrhage. I was a great president, don’t you agree? I was born on January 30, 1882. My father, James Roosevelt was a businessman and financier. While my mother, Sara Roosevelt, took care of me. I had one half-brother named James Roosevelt and a cousin named Thedore Roosevelt. I went to Groton, a preparatory school in Massachusetts and then went to Harvard and got a bachelor's…show more content…
I had three vice presidents. They were named John Nance Garner, Henry Agard Wallace, and Harry S. Truman. I made 15 new laws during my presidency to form the starting of the New Deal. The New Deal provided a lot of relief from the Great Depression by creating public jobs as well as getting the banking industry back on track. After that a second New Deal was created that added additional jobs for some people out there and added three other important programs. (I start my second term after defeating Alfred Landon) During my second term not much happened but Hitler invaded Poland and it was the beginning of World War II. (Then during my second term I get re-elected for a third term.) During my third term I passed the Lead-Lease Act which allowed the United States to aid the Allied Powers without entering war. Japan also bombed Pearl Harbor during my third term. The United States then declared war on Japan, Germany, and Italy because Germany and Italy helped Japan bomb Pearl Harbor. After that I signed Executive Order 9066 imprisoning many Japanese. I did that because I didn’t trust the Japanese kind after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On war day the first of three million Allied Soldiers arrived on the northern shores of France. (I am then a elected a fourth term) I met with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin in Yalta to discuss how Europe will recover after
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