Fdr New Deal Political Failure

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With the election coming up, many Americans are paying close attention to each of the candidates. They will choose the one with the most experience who will make America great and help solve problems. Throughout the history of this great nation, many presidents have implemented initiatives to try and fix issues that the country was having. One of these was Franklin Roosevelt’s (FDR) New Deal during the Great Depression. It was successful but also had some failures. It is important to note these when looking at the history of America and choosing the next candidate. Our next president needs to establish policies for modern day issues in the most effective way and the people need to consider how these will affect them and elect accordingly.…show more content…
It did, however, have a few positive effects too. His plan was to increase governmental spending to “stimulate” the economy and create jobs. The first New Deal brought the unemployment rate down but not enough for it to be significant and after the Second New Deal, the unemployment rate actually rose. It was 37% when the first New Deal was enacted in 1933 and it had fallen to 30% when the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional in 1935. Then the Second New Deal was ratified, the rate rose 7%. According to the Heritage Foundation, “The onset of World War II, not government spending, prompted America’s economic recovery”. When WWII ended, the unemployment rate was way below the normal (5.5%). FDR’s efforts did not stimulate the American economy enough to get it going again. The acts that he passed were petty and didn’t do much to help it at all. Even though it was a failure politically, it was very successful in the social aspect. Many Americans voted for FDR because he told them that he would take bold steps to solve the nation’s problems. In the middle of a horrible depression this still gave people hope. “Almost every American found something to be pleased about and something to complain about in this motley collection of bills, but it was clear that FDR was taking the ‘direct, vigorous’ action that he’d promised in his inaugural address”. Even though he wasn’t doing anything to make the economy better, he was still…show more content…
This presidential election has so far been dictated by this issue and it is a very prominent one in today’s society. Two of the biggest candidates have very opposing viewpoints. Hillary Clinton (democrat) wants to help the immigrants that are currently in this nation. She supports the DREAM Act, this helps young people that grew up in this country illegally obtain citizenships. She also wants to conduct humane enforcement because these immigrants are also people and should not be treated as anything less, supports naturalization of immigrants, and wants to take in and help refugees. Donald Trump (republican) has an opposite view on the issue. He wants to deport all of the illegal immigrants and build a wall to keep them out of the country (making Mexico pay for all of that, of course). He also wants to increase border security, make punishment for overstaying a visa much more severe, and make obtaining a green card nearly impossible. He says that putting American workers first is the most important thing. Many Americans support both candidates but the one that wins will have to make important decisions to best benefit the nation and try to make all of the people in the country as happy as
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