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(quote) “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something!”(FDR). (background)FDR , the 32nd president,, stated this at Oglethorpe university, May 22, 1932. (explanation) Roosevelt proposed many solutions to America’s problems and although some failed many succeeded in lifting the country out of the great depression. (relationship)Even with this success, his failures compelled his critics to take action. They’ve even stated that FDR’s administration methods were not effective. (transition) However, (thesis statement) Franklin D Roosevelt and his administration was very effective since it created The New Deal program, revived enterprise, and and made conditions better…show more content…
(transition)In contrast to that statement however, (counter)FDR has proven Senator Long, as well as others, wrong by establishing New Deal programs which has helped numerous people get back on their feet.(supporting evidence) Federal Housing Administration or (example) FHA is a program FDR established to “insured home loans”(chart 1, line 11). (explanation) This program provided loans to people/families that allowed them to have housing, thus decreasing the homeless. (transition) An additional new deal program was (supporting evidence) Works Progress Administration. (example)WPA , “employed 8 million on public projects” (chart 1, line 12). (explanation) This new deal program provided work for the unemployed to improve the peoples and employers situation. (transition) Another and final example supporting FDR and his establishment of New Deal Programs was (supporting evidence) National Housing Act. (example) the NHA, “Authorizes low rent public renting”(chart 1, line 17). (explanation) The NHA definitely helped various families get through housing expenses with these low income houses. (concluding sentence) Therefore, Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deals aided many people and families find housing and jobs for the homeless and
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