Fdr's View Of Freedom Essay

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In a time when hope seemed so far away and happiness was just a dream, Franklin Roosevelt stepped into the lives of those who cried out for freedom. As president, Roosevelt was tasked with the unimaginable; to revive America from the Great Depression and bring it up out of the ashes. The New Deal was a program Franklin Roosevelt initiated that changed the way people thought about freedom because the government became heavily involved with promoting agricultural and industry recovery, providing relief and aid through various programs, and assisting the banking industry. While freedom was previously associate with little government interference, as programs like the National Industry Act of 1933 and Wagner Act were established by the government,…show more content…
One such involvement was called the Glass Stegall Banking Act with a purpose to stabilize the banking system and inspire people to put their confidence and money back in the bank. Another reform that played a huge role in the bank was the FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Incorporation. The FDIC wanted to insure federal deposit money and help individuals understand that if the bank went bust, then the federal government would guarantee their money back. These banking reforms created a new view of freedom in regards to money. Freedom was security in one’s finances and confidence that the government would always follow through. Freedom and all it entails seems to change when circumstances change. Its journey through history has been one that still perplexes many to this day. During the New Deal, American’s view of freedom was radically redefined as the government became heavily involved in the lives of the people. The government was not seen as a big and menacing monster anymore, but as a fatherly figure that wanted the best for everyone. This view would go on to affect America for years down along the road as the journey of freedom continued and still continues to this
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