Feak The Mighty Max And Freak: Character Analysis

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“A best friend is someone who you can talk to, who won’t judge you, loves you for you and most of all makes you feel like you are worth something”-anonymous. The novel Freak the Mighty Max and Freak demonstrates what a strong friendship should look like, also they accepted each other without judgement and they made each other feel like they belonged. While friendship is important because having a good friend can help you through hard times. Many people agree trust played a huge role between Freak and Max. Yet it first really started when they went out to see the fireworks, but Tony D was their. At the end of the show Tony started to chase Max and Freak, but the problem was max didn’t know his left and rights. So Freak guided Max, and told him where to go. Max had to trust freak to tell him where to go and Freak had to trust max to go in the pond. Also when Freak…show more content…
Loretta’s purse brought Freak and Max closer because they went out at nights and got the purse back. But they found out that loretta and Iggy both knew Max’s dad. The hospital was a really big adventure they went on freak guided Max to the hospital to show him where he would get his new body. Their adventures were based on knights of the round table. Freak spoke with a lot of lingo he also spoke sometimes like he was part of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. They also went on a lot of quests that involved medieval stuff Max and Freak showed that going on adventures is a good way to create friendship. Kevin and Max’s friendship was strong because of the adventure and how they helped each other. Also they were really good friends in the beginning when Freak freaked out Max, but through it all they demonstrated exactly a good friend ship looks like. Because of this their was a lot of trust between them. The trust they had help them during the hard times friends can help you get through it. If you are a good friend you will have a good
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