Fear And Anxiety In Horror Movies

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Furthermore, most of children have low cognitive and they have not grown up old enough to recognize things around them which are real, and which are not. They often believe what they are seen especially fears. According to Dr. Sorensen, who wrote the book “Breaking the Chain of Low Esteem”, he addressed, “Fear & Anxiety are the cornerstones of low self-esteem”. He means to build up confidence for children, getting over fears and anxiety is the most important. To add up for this argument, Dr. Dhyan reported some common fears from children after watching movies: 97% children believe in the existence of ghosts, 89% fear from dark, 88% kids said that they would avoids any places, situations or people which are portrayed or depicted in horror movies., 56% commit that their studying is…show more content…
The more confidence people have, the more success they achieve. Most parents take that value and teach their kids to be more and more confident in any situations to gain success. However, parents may do opposite wat with what they believe. Slasher movies increase children’s fears of ghosts, evils, monsters, and daemons. Thus, somehow parents bring up to children the value of horror films which is gaining fears. As a result, they are contradicted with themselves and object the whole concept of training confidence and success. In Japanese proverb, people say, "Fear is only as deep as the mind allows." They mean that fears cannot be existed if people’s mind does not allow. Likewise, people cannot teach their children about confidence and success while they allow fears grow up in children’s mind. At this point, people may argue that allowing children experience fears can help them build up confidence, but confidence does not make sense for kids than such monsters, ghosts, or evils. In brief, growing up with fears from horror films will lose children’s confidence in any places where they feel similar to horror

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