Fear And Death In Wherever Malte's Fear Of Death

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Is it possible to prevent someone from dying? Why do people make it difficult for the one who is dying? The horror that Malte felt at the girl’s death is inexplicable. He knew that it was inevitable. He was terror-stricken at the sight of death. The girl’s death lay itself bare in front of Malte. Looking at it, he was filled with horror. And now when some time has passed, he wonders why people do not understand that death cannot be prevented. It cannot because it is always there. It does not come from somewhere outside but it is already there. And when the time comes, it lays bare its frightful existence. It cannot be averted. It is, therefore, important to come to an understanding with it, in order to live life as a whole. Death is the Other that limits one but…show more content…
The fear of death or of the unknown is not only invoked by physical deaths but also by the images of death that Malte sees all around him. It is interesting to note that the words ‘fear’ and ‘terrible’ come in the text so many times that one loses count. Wherever Malte looks, he feels terrified. Behind everything, there resides death. It terrifies him but at the same time, gives a call that he cannot refuse. Everything that he describes or writes about relates to death in some way. In the text, there are two similar images of a demolished building and a burned house which emphasize the fear of death. These images lay bare the life that was once there, in death that has now conquered everything. It is here that Malte explains how death is a continuation of life. The demolished house is no more there but the remains of it that are there, make its presence felt. Life has turned into death but is present even within it, as death was present alongside life before. The remainder of the paint,

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